Christmas winter landscape with clouds and snow
Christmas winter landscape with clouds and snow

Don’t forget this coming February kids ^ ^

3/2/18 @ 1.00 p.m

Rules & Regulations
1. This activitiety is open to children below 12 years old only. Limited to forty ( 40 ) entries for each category on a first come first serve basis .
2. For each registration participants are required to fill in their particulars and accompanied with a proof of receipt of RM8 from Nigella Grocers for each contestant. All receipts must be valid dated as 3rd January 2018 until 3rd February 2018.
3. Participants are required to submit the entry form 3 days before the event.
4. The organizer reserves the right to change any rules and regulations as it deems fit without notifying the participants.
5. The management will not be responsible for any cause of injuries either in physically or mentally arising from the event and any losses throughout the competition.
6. All decisions will be carried out accordingly and no correspondence will be entertained.

“Wonderful Cherry Blossoms” Colouring Contest 03/2/2018 @ 1.00 p.m
1. There will be 2 categories @ 1.00p.m.
a. Category A : 5-8 years old
b. Category B : 9-12 years old
2. Contestants are advised to bring their own coloring accessories such as crayon, color pencil ,magic color, coloring markers and other coloring items
Note : All wet coloring items are not advisable
3. The contestants will be given a drawing each and need to complete it in one and a half hours time(1 ½) of period approximately.
4. All contestants will be judge accordingly based on own creativity with artistic work skills & the best color co-ordination with the best quality product


Name : ______________________________ Age : ________ Standard : ___________

Parent’s Name : ________________________ Contact No : ______________________

E-mail Address :________________________________________________________

Address : _____________________________________________________________


For further information, please contact the Promotion Department at Tel No : 03 – 3371 0303or fax your registration form to 03 – 3372 7303555.

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